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Permanent resident of Cozumel Island since 1998.
Licensed and practicing Architect
Licensed Real Estate Professional
Licensed REALTOR®
Certified Real Estate Professional
Licensed Architect, currently practicing in Quintana Roo Mexico
General Manager of a Residential Development Firm (Cedral Homes Cozumel)
Broker / Owner (Cedral Caribe Realtors)
Post graduate diploma in Real Estate by LaSalle University
Post graduate diploma in Business Administration
Certified Real Estate Professional by the Mexican Federal Goverment
Licensed Real Estate Professional by Mexican Federal Goverment
Licensed Realtor® by NAR International
Profesional Inmobiliario Certificado
Member of the Mexican Association of Realtors® (AMPI) Member No. AMPICOZGACJ0963
International Member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)

OW Diver, AOW Diver, Rescue Diver, EaNx Diver, Deep Air Diver, Project Aware Diver, UW Naturalist Diver, UW Archaelogical Diver, UW Photographer Diver. (Hey, living in Cozumel you ought to have at least ONE diving certification, haha.)
Kite surfer and Triathlete.

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1. Find the right representative The experience and knowledge of a dedicated real estate professional can be priceless. A good Realtor® forms a powerful team with his or her clients that makes it possible for them to have a smooth, …

TWOSTOREY For Sale in Corpus Christi, Cozumel

return on your income •  4 bath , 3 bdrm twostorey – FOR SALE  314997 USD . live in 1 unit and rent out the other 2! in Corpus Christi, Cozumel Property information

TWOSTOREY For Sale in Corpus Christi, Cozumel

•  4 bath , 3 bdrm twostorey – FOR SALE  270000 USD . in Corpus Christi, Cozumel Property information

SINGLESTOR For Sale in Rivera Tulum , Tulum

•  singlestor – FOR SALE  158500 USD . in Rivera Tulum , Tulum Hidden in the jungle of Tulum, located in the new and secure development called Aldea Zama, just a few minutes away from town, supermarket, beach and ruins …

TWOSTOREY For Sale in 10 de Abril, Cozumel

•  2 bath , 3 bdrm twostorey – FOR SALE  279000 USD . the BEST street in town! in 10 de Abril, Cozumel LAND 165 M2 1,776 Sqft CONSTRUCTION 183 M2 / 1,970 Sqft GARDEN 60 M2 / 645Sqf Property …

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