Mark Garrow

Ramona, CA
United States

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For over 30 years combined service, my wife Lori and I have been helping friends, neighbors and referrals into their homes and investments. With Lori as your lender and myself as your Realtor you are guaranteed the best service and investment experience. Need a new home loan, re-finance, cash out or equity line? Make sure you call Lori! Do you want to sell your home or are you looking for a home? Call Mark! First time buyers are welcome too! We will help you understand the entire process and answer all of your questions. If you haven't owned a home for 3 years or more then you are now considered a first time home buyer again. Give Lori a call and see what is currently available for first time buyer loans that offer extra incentives or tax breaks.
Since 2000, Mark has been a loan officer and Realtor. Mark has deep experience with short sales, foreclosures, investment residential properties and helping buyers and sellers with their next home.
Lori has been an agent since 1989 and a loan officer since 1997 providing a wide variety of loans while working with over 60 wholesale lenders and banks. As of Jan. 1 2012 with the changes in the loan industry, Mark focus's only on real estate and Lori focus's on financing. Between the two of us you have the best of both worlds. A treasure store of experience and the ability to make sure it happens for you. This is Your Place for Homes and Loans.

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