Freddy & Linda Marks

Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Phone1 604 491 1060

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Avg Photos per Listing: 27
Neighborhoods: 2
Our Team has been involved in real estate sales, franchise development & sales management in the Canadian and European market since the beginning of the 80’s.
In addition to the unique Sutton West Coast Marketing tools the 3A Network Group , Linda Marks & Freddy Marks deliver a special European Marketing package to their clients. Both speaks English German, and some Dutch.
We have experience in several markets like Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Spain and Switzerland. Our ongoing marketing efforts in these countries and his close connection too many real estate agents in Europe, results in sales month after month.
Our extensive background and his personal contacts in the European community is giving us a unique position in the Canadian real estate industry. Freddy holds a MBA degree in Real Estate Economics from the German University of Kiel.
We sell motels, investment properties, waterfronts, resorts, ranches, and acreages throughout BC. We sells castles in Germany and properties in the remotes areas of BC.

45% of their sales are made with foreign buyers!

CLI Indicates Growing Activity in Commercial Real Estate

CLI Indicates Growing Activity in Commercial Real Estate Vancouver, BC – May 27, 2016. The BCREA Commercial Leading Indicator (CLI) pushed higher in the first quarter of 2016, reflecting a

Changes in the Grassland!

Changes in the Grassland!

Bank of Canada Holds Rates Steady

In a short but not-so-sweet missive, the Bank of Canada left its target overnight rate unchanged at 1/2 percent as expected. The Bank, however, sharply reduced its forecast for second

„Welcome to Berlin, CSSG! Kanadisch-Deutscher Abend in der Vagabund-Brauerei in Berlin”

Liebe DKG-Mitglieder und Kanadafreunde,   die Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e.V. sowie Berlasco – Berlin Language School und CSSG (Canadian Summer School in Germany) laden Sie herzlich ein zu:   „Welcome to

Cycling4Diversity 2016

The Cycling4Diversity team is off this morning on its first part of our three day journey speaking with students in the Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs area, during Cycling4Diversity Week

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