Joseph Sabeh Jr.

Fremont, CA
United States

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Joseph Sabeh Jr. has been in the real estate business for 14 years and has sold homes ranging from 300 k to 6 million. He is passionate about exceptional service to his clients. "I have had many referrals from my previous clients and I always appreciate that , and I’m always there for one on one service with my clients; not just a phone a call away! I believe that it takes the right kind of home for that special buyer and will never ever sell them something they won’t be happy with ."
Please let me introduce myself, I am Joseph Sabeh Jr. a full time licensed professional
Realtor. I have been with Executive Homes Realty for over 14 years and was trained by
my late father and Broker, Joseph Sabeh. I recently incorporated the company and we
moved the office to 43513 Mission Blvd just last summer. I could not have found a more
honorable place to work.

After earning my experience selling high end Ralph Lauren suits and studying business
management in Southern California, I decided to pursue my dream of selling real estate
and working with my father. He had already had such an excellent reputation and
established a niche market of high end clientele that catered to the very best. I wanted to
become the consummate professional just like him and have strived to become just that
being just a phone call or email away from getting back to my client’s immediate needs!

Known by my clients for my tenacity, perseverance, and excellence in negotiation
(Certified Negotiation Expert), I have always strived to meet my clients’ high demands
and goals. As a result of my professionalism, I have achieved an extensive portfolio of
referrals from past and present clients.

I credit my current values from my upbringing of my parents and the credit is due to them
without question. Their integrity, pride, and willingness to sacrifice for the better of my
life and my sister’s always left a mark on me that one day I will pass on. Their desire
to achieve a better life and live it to the fullest is one that some families dream of and I
certainly am appreciative of all of the education and etiquette I have learned from them both.

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