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As Broker and Co-Owner of a Tallahassee Real Estate Brokerage business, Joe utilizes his MBA and 23 years of Tallahassee Real Estate experience in order to help clients with large investment opportunities while also taking the lead in growing our local operation. Additionally, he contributes to a daily Web Blog which focuses on the Tallahassee Real Estate Market, as well as other topics important to Tallahassee, Florida. For more information on Joe and his office, please visit his company website at
Real Estate Broker in the Tallahassee real estate market since 1991. Broad experience in residential sales, both new and resale, commercial and investment sales, and property management.

Broad experience as a real estate investor with holdings in single family homes, mutli-family apartments and mobile home parks, land holdings and development.

Present focus is on business growth and expansion throughout North Florida and beyond.

Is featured as the Tallahassee Real Estate Blogger for the Tallahassee Democrat (the newspaper for Tallahassee, Florida).

helping families move, selling homes, real estate acquisition and finance, sales management, and sales training

Joe Manausa Real Estate

(Privately Held; 0-49 employees; Real Estate industry)

April 1992 – Present (22 years)

Owner and President of a residential real estate company in North Florida. Company specializes in sales of residential and commercial properties, with a focus on helping families sell their home and buy a home.

Joe has 5 recommendations (2 reports, 1 co-worker, 2 clients) including:
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4/8/2008 6:08:00 PM

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Tallahassee Real Estate

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