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Ask real estate experts Verzell and Kim Page about Detroit’s future, and watch their eyes light up with excitement. “Our city is one big opportunity right now,” Kim says. “Detroit is always moving, no matter what!”

Their enthusiasm is contagious.
Kim and her husband of 23 years, Verzell, have built their realty – Front Page Realty located in Downrown Detroit (with 55 Agents) – with a sense of purpose. Their beautiful headquarters located in the historical Bagley Mansion, which sits near the Detroit River, buzzes with commerce. The melody of ringing phones and paged names over the intercom sings out the promise of a revitalized Detroit – a song that only a privileged few can hear. Verzell and Kim believe that the more Detroiters are educated about how much their city is really worth, the more others will hear its promise song, too. “We feel like it’s our job to give our (Detroit’s) residents knowledge they need to purchase a home. Land is powerful!”
“We believe that the city is going to turn around, and Detroit can’t go anywhere but up. We want to help people become homeowners, and help homeowners to become entrepreneurs.”

Verzell and Kim facilitate an educational program that welcomes anyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the real estate process – from being a homeowner to becoming a real estate agent. “Knowledge is the key. To us, serving others means offering people the tools they need to not only own their homes, but the homes on either side of them as well. That’s how you change the community.”

Member of Detroit Association of Realtors, W.W.O.C.A.R (Western Wayne Association of Realtors), Mirealsource (Macomb County Board of Realtors), M.C.A.R. (Metropolitan Consolidated Association of Realtors). Member of Michigan Women’s Market Place. Broker and owner of Front Page Realty.
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