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I've just started but I can't see going anywhere else. What's the point, it's all right here.
- Cyd Weeks
You do your homework and know what we need to be successful in this challenging marketplace.
- John Badalamenti
I closed 5 deals in May, every one of them was a Point2 lead, attributed to Syndication.
- Jordan Epstein
I love my Point2 website and would definitely suggest every agent get one.
- Tracie Cope
Point2 gave me the ability to begin my business with ease. I love it!
- Aimee Quaratino
Point2 has developed a very user-friendly, REALTOR®-friendly, and affordable website.
- Robert Silzer
I love this site and want to learn more every day. Try all the others and I guarantee you'll be back.
- Jerome Lesak
My website has been an essential asset in the education value it offers to my prospective buyers and sellers.
- Peter Jeffrey
Most of my clients originate from this website and I am grateful to Point2 for making this possible.
- Angie Adams
From our end, it's simple and highly effective. Just what we need.
- Ed Herbert
After working with Point2 for 3 years I can honestly say that I believe it offers the most 'bang for your buck' available!
- Kathy Stephens
Point2 websites are very easy to update for a non-technical person like me.
- Ritu Desai
The Point2 online office has proven to be a great assistant for me in organizing clients.
- Mary DeWitt
Point2 consistently delivers more views at a lower cost per view than any other system we've tried.
- Norm Fisher
The client capture on the site is key. In one day I have already exceeded my previous site's results for a year!
- Brad Nelson
Point2 is an amazing partner for real estate professionals. I get far more response on my listings/services than I do from any other site combined, including MLS®.
- Jason Steele
I got a call last month from a seller that found me on Point2 (google search), got a listing, I featured the listing, got multiple offers, the seller is now shopping for another place (move up buyer). Love it.
- Marta Andre
I love Point2 Agent! I always recommend it to agents in my office who need a really great web site, so many agents do nothing with their site but being with you is so user friendly that you cannot help but make new clients & $$$ from it.
- Melinda S. Schechner
As soon as I list a property I just upload it on to Point2 and start getting calls from buyers. Point2 Agent is my prime and main source for lead generation.
- Asif Shahzad
I want my website to be informative, visually attractive and easy-to-use. I'm big on looking different from everyone else, and the Point2 Agent website offers me that.
- Melanie Press
We are VERY thankful for the staff of great customer care agents that Point2 has! They are all courteous and we can tell that they strive to solve any and all issues we may have.
- Loveless Realty
I have used other web site providers who want to charge me outrageous fees for this same service, but I have dropped them because they didn't perform as promised or provide the same number or quality of leads that I receive on my Point2 site.
- Jim Wheeler
I love Point2 because it's one of our top lead generating sites. Through Point2's unique systems, we were able to 'set it...and forget it' and the site keeps doing its job years later!
- Sam Kamoutsis
Point2 has continued to evolve and grow with technology. I love Point2 Agent and all that it offers.
- Connie Meyerhoff
Point2 Agent is the best system in Canada, and it drives leads to our listings while adding exposure we wouldn't be able to get otherwise.
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